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Welcome to my page! I am a photo junkie and love taking pictures. I have 3 children and 1 adorable little gandson. I am slowly getting into photography as more that just a hobby. I love to see a mom's face light up when she sees pictures of her baby or family. I also love taking landscape and skyscape pictures. I was recently published in a very local calandar that showcased pictures of my town. I live in Gig Harbor Washington and never run out of inspiration. Please enjoy looking at my photos and happy snapping!!



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Random Stuff

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Sea Ranch Weekend 2011

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My Sewing Projects

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Spring in Gig Harbor

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Mt. St. Helens 2010

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Pt Defiance & Woodlank Park Zoo 2010

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Disneyland CA Thru the Years

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Mt. Rainier

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Narrows Bridge Gig Harobr WA

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Aidan 14 months

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Recurits Parris Island Marine Boot Camp

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Black and White

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04292012 pictures of Jocelyn

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